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TYPE: Single origin
COUNTRY: Brazil 



Brewing parameters :

Dry coffee : 18 grams

Wet weight : 32 grammes

Time : 30 secondes

Water temperature : 200° F (93° C)




L'ours noir serves as an exceptional introduction to the world of specialty coffees. When it graces your palate, you'll experience a coffee with a velvety smoothness, devoid of any sharp acidity, yet bursting with intense flavors. A delightful hint of sweet bitterness lingers, akin to savoring an exquisite 80% dark chocolate.


This particular blend undergoes Nektar's darkest roasting process. The purpose of this roast is to enhance the essence of toasted sugar and dark chocolate, resulting in a profound and rich character. It evokes the full-bodied nature and exquisite development found in certain coffees.


To achieve complexity, the beans are subjected to a double roast, swiftly progressing to the second crack. As a result, both the outer and inner portions of the bean boast distinct levels of roasting. The outer layer exudes a slightly smoky and indulgent quality, while the center retains a chocolatey essence with a lighter roast. This coffee is ideal for crafting a delightful latte, allowing you to savor its genuine coffee flavors even amidst the creamy blend.




Since 2009, Nektar's goal has been to introduce specialty coffee to the general public. They take great pleasure in exploring, without prejudice, all the new drying techniques, the different terroirs and the coffee growers behind each plantation, to then share with you the results of their research. This enthusiasm is accompanied by a crucial element: respect for all the humans involved, from harvesting the grain, to you, who holds a cup in your hands.

NEKTAR - L'Ours noir



    Dark Chocolate



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