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Provide the best possible coffee experience!

What’s Paquebot’s story?

We are passionate about food, music, wine, and we've decided to open a coffee shop in Rosemont eight years ago. Since then, an partnership with ZAB, three other cafés in Montreal, and one in Gaspé emerged.

We worked in the world of catering, both in the kitchen, in service and sommelier, with great respect for quality and the land. Simon, a world traveler and sommelier who fell in love with Australia's coffee culture; Sam, also a restaurant owner and a great project enthusiast; Edwin, who, after having worked in the restaurant industry, got into the world of coffee and found that there was a lack of coffee companies from Quebec. The three form a thundering trio at the head of PAQUEBOT / ZAB


Rapid-fire questions!


What’s your "It factor"? An excellent « vibe » and an exceptional service!

Your Top 3…:

…in coffee? Méchant Pinsons (Plateau), September Surf (Griffintown) and Cafecoquetel (Villeray)

…roaster? Yamabiko, Dak, and Dark Arts

…mentor or your greatest inspiration? Nathaniel Fried from Pilot (now with Mountain Coffee)

You are…

Washed or natural? No discrimination!

Espresso or Filter? Filter in the morning, espresso to digest

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