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Introducing specialty coffee. Exploring the terroirs, as well as the different drying and roasting techniques. Sharing the fruit of our experiments with respect for the people who made it possible, from harvest to cup.

What's the story of Nektar?

We had a revelation when we tasted some amazing coffees from American roasters. It was in 2008, and we said to ourselves that we absolutely had to introduce this to people in Quebec City! We also wanted to explore, so the decision was pretty quick.

- Opening of the first branch in February 2009 in the Saint-Roch district
- Opening of the Limoilou branch in October 2015 on 3rd Ave.
- Opening of the Lévis branch in Saint-Nicolas as well as the adjacent roasting workshop in May 2018.

Rapid-Fire Questions


Why did you choose coffee?

It’s a simple pleasure and one that appeals to a lot of people. Happiness is in sharing: it is very rewarding to make others happy.

What's your IT factor?

Exploration without prejudice of different terroirs and drying methods.

Your Top 3…


… in coffee?


A fruity Kenyan, a little lively and generously sweet. This is where it all started.

…coffee roaster?

The entire American West Coast is seething, it would be tragic to make a choice!

…mentor or your greatest inspiration? 

George Howell. A pioneer who fell in love with the terroir at a time when this word did not appear in the speech of roasters.


You are…​

Washed or Natural? To choose would be depriving yourself of a great experience, but it would be difficult never to taste such a fruit-filled naturalness again.

Espresso or Filter? An espresso in the morning, a few filters during the day.

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