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Café Pista

Pista shares the values ​​of inclusive community, exchange and sharing that represents specialty coffee. They also place great importance on ensuring sustainable and ethical purchasing. They consider that defending and promoting these values ​​is part of their social responsibility. They agree to apply the same intransigence regarding the quality of their products as that applied by their partner producers.

What’s Pista’s story?


Created in 2014 with their coffee-trike, Café Pista was born from the love of coffee, people and the bicycle. Established in Rosemont since 2016, Pista is a destination of choice for discovering unique coffees, extracted with care and passion. Since 2018, they are proud to roast quality coffee beans from sustainable trade, in order to discover the subtleties of different terroirs.


Rapid-fire questions!


Why did you choose coffee?  To highlight and discover the exceptional products that are made at the origin. Offer a quality taste experience and democratize specialty coffee

What’s your "Tt factor"? Our attentive service, our quality products and our concern for careful design

Your Top 3…:


…in coffee? Ethiopia and Colombia are two of our favorite origins!

…roaster? Phew, there are so many! Sey Coffee, Heart, Quietly Coffee

…mentor or your greatest inspiration? Rob Hoos and Scott Rao had a great influence on the interest and learning of the profession of roaster. A nod to Mané Alves from Artisan Coffee where I was able to really roast for the first time and make sure I wanted to make a career out of it.

You are…

Washed or natural? Washed

Espresso or Filter? Filter

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