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Check out the list of the most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address:

What are the delivery times?

We send orders to roasters every Wednesday at midnight, they roast on the following days and we ship your orders from the following Tuesday.  For individual bags, orders are shipped within 6 to 10 days. For multi-roaster boxes (classic box, discovery box, and audacious box), we ship them within 48 hours.

The New Coffee Wave reserves the right to refuse to deliver an order or require an advance payment to a customer in the event of an unpaid invoice.

Is it possible to modify or cancel my order?


It is not possible to modify or cancel your order once it has been placed. Packaging and delivery are carried out by an independent distribution center.


If you receive products in poor condition and unfit for consumption, you can return the products within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of the order.

A coffee credit of the amount of the damaged order will be allocated, as well as a promotional code of 15% for your next order.

What are the shipping fees?

Bags of coffee beans are zero-rated. We offer free delivery for all orders of $49 or more! For smaller orders, standard delivery charges apply depending on your order.

What is a specialty coffee?

What makes the difference between specialty coffee and regular coffee is the attention that the producer pays, either in his choice of variety (there are more than 70 varieties of Arabica coffee), the attention paid to the plants’ needs when they grow, the location / origin of planting, the attention paid during picking to pick cherries at their peak of ripening, drying processes used to develop the quality of coffee so that it be rated more than 80/100 for its quality, thus qualifying it as specialty coffee. It will thus be sold more than twice the price than convenience coffee. The roaster will choose the coffees they want to add to their menu carefully and will develop the flavors that each of their coffees with advanced roasting techniques to develop aromas and sugars quietly in an optimized roaster.

How do you ensure the freshness of the coffee?

The freshness of the coffees sold through The New Coffee Wave is essential for us. The micro-roasters roast their coffees every week. They are able to keep an inventory for a few days and keep all the freshness of the soil taste of the selected beans, ensuring that the coffee we deliver to you is as fresh as possible.

Do roasters roast before each delivery? How long before delivery will the coffee I buy be roasted?

To make sure you always drink fresh coffee, we send orders to roasters every Wednesday at midnight, they roast on the following days and we ship your orders from the following Tuesday.

What is the shelf life of the coffee I bought?

There is no expiration date for roasted coffee. Ideally, coffee should be consumed between seven (7) and thirty (30) days from the date of roasting. It is preferable to keep the coffee for a maximum of three (3) months in order to preserve the freshness and the aromas of the grain. Of course, we recommend that you buy coffee beans and grind them on request. Keep your bags closed, without exposure to light.

What bag sizes are available, how much coffee can I make with each?

The coffee bags are sold in two sizes: 300 grams and 5 pounds. For a 250 ml cup of filter coffee, you will need 15 grams of coffee beans (ratio 1:15). So you have about 20 cups in each 300 gram bag. A single dose of espresso generally varies from 8 to 10 grams and between 18 and 20 grams for a double dose depending on your equipment.

I don't have an espresso machine, what do you recommend?

The preparation of a coffee with a French press (also called Bodum) is very similar to the preparation of a herbal tea when the tea is in leaf. Coarsely ground beans should be placed at the bottom of the coffee maker, then add water about to boil. Infuse for a few minutes before pressing the plunger until it reaches the bottom. In this way, the beans will be separated from the brewed water, giving a delicious coffee full of flavor.


Filter coffee is the most common traditional method in homes. In fact, there are two methods: drip and manual. Drip is an automatic process carried out by coffee makers. Just pour hot water into the tank and wait for it to pass through the beans and the filter. It's easy and quick, but you lose a little flavor. For the manual method, you even have to pour water over the grains. This infusion method is similar to a meditation experience. No machine is necessary, but you need a few tools like a special carafe.

For the use of the French press and the filter coffee, it is important to follow the recommendations of the ratio/time parameters, which are indicated on the description of the product of each of the roasters, for a perfect brew.

Cold infusion

Cold coffee has gained a lot of popularity due to its strong aroma and its ability to be brewed in large quantities. That's exactly what the name suggests: the coffee beans are infused in cold water, then the mixture is filtered and served as is. However, the beans should be allowed to steep for twelve (12) to thirty-six (36) hours at room temperature.

I don't like the coffee I bought; can I exchange it?


Unfortunately, we cannot exchange a bag of coffee that has already been opened. However, you can give your coffee grounds a second life. Coffee contains about 2% nitrogen by volume, making it an excellent ingredient for compost. You can use it to repel pests, give it to worms in the garden, fertilize your plants, add it to the soil or apply it to the lawn.

What are the forms of payment accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal on our website.

Are the bags recyclable?

The coffee bags used by the micro-roasters are 100% recyclable. Our shipping boxes are also recyclable, our stickers are compostable and we only use recycled paper for our inserts.

Do you ship across Canada?

We offer free delivery for coffee orders over $49 in Quebec and Ontario. Shipping for orders of $ 49.00 or more outside of Quebec and Ontario is is $ 9.99 and shipping of orders of less than $ 49.00 outside of Quebec and Ontario is $ 19.99. Certain remote regions are excluded from this offer. If your order does not reach the amount of $49, the cost of your delivery is calculated based on your postal code, the size and weight of the order. This cost will be indicated in your basket before proceeding to payment.


We work with Machool, a group of couriers, for shipping. The delivery time generally varies between one (1) and five (5) days following the dispatch date. Unless delivery to a remote area or reasons beyond our control.

International Shipping

We currently only deliver to Canadian addresses.

Track my order

You will receive an email with a tracking number when your order is shipped. If you have any questions about our order shipping policy, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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