A specialty coffee has an aromatic complexity (recognized aromatic impressions when tasting this coffee), specific growing and harvesting conditions. The micro-roasters pay particular attention to the entire transformation process, thereby offering you coffee with very few flaws.


Each month, the discovery box allows you to taste 3 different coffees  --  The New Coffee Wave's top 3 pick of the month --  and fully enjoy the notes and flavors of coffees roasted locally by your favorite roasters.


In all, 3 coffees to discover each month!


- 3 bags of coffee beans (300g or 340g)

- Different roasters and coffees each month

- The box does not contain decaffeinated coffee

- It is not possible to request a specific coffee. To choose your coffees, you must order them individually.


November Coffees: 


94 celcius - Légendes d'automne

Canal - Momotombo

Traffic - Marcel Assis