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Za & Klo Roasters

Discover, roast and share coffees that surprise and amaze us while respecting the terroir and the work of the original producers.

What's the story of Za & Klo?

Za & Klo, oddly enough, it starts with commercial coffee. Za fell into it when she was little, while Klo discovered the world of coffee after finishing her bachelor's degree in marketing, by chance, applying for a job three miles from home. It was by rubbing shoulders with each other that we discovered the world of specialty coffee and developed our taste for truly funky cups and the desire to develop lasting relationships with producers. So we decided to found Za & Klo roasters !!​​

Rapid-Fire Questions


Why did you choose coffee?

It was the coffee industry that chose us ... and not the other way around!

What's your IT factor?

Klo and Za couldn't be more poles apart ... but that's what makes our magic. The straightforward and funny side of Klo. The mysterious and mystical side of Za. All of this unites around the philosophy that you reap what you sow ... literally. The cup doesn't lie.

Your Top 3…


… in coffee?


Za : Kenya, Ethiopia

Klo : Colombia, Guatemala

…coffee roaster?

Za : Dead Simple Coffee, Luna

Klo: Canal, Structure

…mentor or your greatest inspiration? Edwin from Zab and Mathieu from Structure for the time they took with us, their openness and their enthusiasm for our project!


You are…​

Washed or Natural? Both

Espresso or Filter? Za; Chemex and Klo; Espresso (latte or cortado)

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