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Le Brûloir

Coffee and society: two aspects at the heart of Le Brûloir's evolution. Their mission is to select, roast and prepare the best coffees, always striving to improve the experience, to be a living environment, develop networks, generate ideas, and contribute to making our surrounding environment better.

What is Le Brûloir's story?


Rooted in the Ahuntsic district for nine years now, Le Brûloir serves its customers in its bright premises located at 318 Fleury West. Meanwhile, just across in the lab is the coffee roaster Diedrich Rouge-Bourgogne who is warming up the air in the small room. They line-up the coffee bags from top producers, as well as cupping bowls and stacks of notes. Vincent roasts with the greatest attention, always looking for the best flavor profiles. Imbued with the desire to do better, the search for quality and respect for production stages are part of daily ambitions

Rapid-fire questions!

What's your « IT factor »? The importance given to the social aspect of the company: to the human side, the environment, collaborations, sustainable trade, and the circular economy. In short, the people around us!


You are :

...washed or natural? Depending on the moment or the inspiratio

Espresso or filter? Depending on the moment or the inspiration, the importance is the expertise that each brings to the coffee!

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