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Ambros Coffee Co

Ambros Coffee Co's mission is to offer high quality coffee with depth of character (or, as they like to call it, soul), and make it attractive and accessible to everyone. They hope to do this by approaching the world of coffee from different angles and tell a story. 

What's Ambros Coffee Co's Story?

My first sip of the coffee world came over ten years ago after meeting with an extended family member who is a coffee roaster in Greece. Following the growth of his company throughout the years, my intrigue only grew and it began to feel right. Two years ago I decided to set out on my own journey.

Rapid-fire questions!


Why did you choose coffee?  

Because of coffee’s depth, which unravels itself in two ways. First, coffee tells a story. Every type, brew method, and even how and where it is consumed, says so much about people and culture. And coffee is one of those subjects that is simple yet profound. On one hand, it is fairly easy to get a good cup of coffee, and you can stop there. On the other, the deeper you go into coffee, the more layers you find. This duality is what keeps things interesting. 


What’s your "Tt factor"? 


My identity is based on the history and the (pop) culture of coffee, and this is reflected in the style with which I communicate. I try to approach coffee from different angles, including its roots.

Your Top 3…:


…in coffee? Any coffee with soul

…roaster? Taf Coffee from Greece

…mentor or your greatest inspiration? Great storytellers like Walt Disney, Quentin Tarantino and David Attenborough

You are…

Washed or natural? Natural

Espresso or Filter? A good filter that will show me different sides of its personality as it cools.

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