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Structure Roasters

Structure Roasters work towards building authentic relationships with their customers, staff, suppliers and partners. They meet with producers and deal directly with them, so that all parties can benefit from long-term profitability and sustainability. These solid relationships, developed thanks to the coffee that their customers buy, constitute for them the guarantee of appreciation of the best possible product.

What’s Structure Roasters’ story?

Three men, three coffee lovers: Mathieu Carrier, Jérôme Grenier-Desbiens and Marco Dieckmann. They wanted to grow on a personal level, and they had the idea of ​​setting up a project where quality and authenticity would be at the heart of what they were going to build.


Rapid-fire questions!


Why did you choose coffee?  For various reasons according to the founders but a common passion for coffee.

You are…

Washed or natural? Coffee with character

Espresso or Filter? Coffee with character

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