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Café Lanterne

Each coffee bean is unique. They treat each bean with particular attention in order to enhance the aromatic profile and the terroir unique to each. Like an epicurean in search of sensation, Café Lanterne wishes to radiate a producer, a product through its coffee offer. For them, it is essential to highlight the uniqueness of each coffee in the most transparent way possible. Let yourself be guided by the flicker of the lantern and explore the bewitching world of specialty coffee.

What’s Café Lanterne’s story?

Café Lanterne is the association of three friends and colleagues, whose common passion is the discovery of the outdoors and the world of coffee. Passionate and self-taught, it was after a lot of research and development that Café Lanterne was born. Like coffee, they are constantly evolving. Their first steps are made in 2018, but we have to wait until summer 2019 to see the lantern in the windmills of La Distributrice, their first partner.


Rapid-fire questions!


Why did you choose coffee? Our desire to always understand how things are done in addition to the desire to discover the best coffee led us to take an interest in roasting.

What’s your "Tt factor"? Our coffees are developed to highlight their unique characters. We find balance in each profile, allowing even beginners to appreciate the intricacies of specialty coffee. We want to work in a way that respects the environment while basing our business relationships on respect, communication and human contact.

Your Top 3…:


…in coffee? Adado (Lanterne) and Samuel Rozon (ZAB)

…roaster? ZAB

…mentor or your greatest inspiration? Alex from Pista is an excellent mentor for us.

You are…

Washed or natural? Natural

Espresso or filter? Both if we can! Otherwise, we entered this world with espresso.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

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