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5 reasons to choose specialty coffee

The whole province has opened up to buy local and has become aware of the positive effect, both for our planet and for us, of consuming local products. The evolution of mentalities and the change in behavior have not yet transposed into the world of coffee; however, this drink is an integral part of our daily life and even Canada ranks tenth in the world in terms of consumption. Even today, many people still opt for a convenience coffee, less expensive and more accessible coffee. Here are 5 good reasons to turn to specialty coffee:

(1) Specialty coffee is a gourmet product Specialty coffee is a gourmet product and a premium drink due to its unique qualities, its culture and its roasting. The expression "from farm to cup" is often used since roasters (experts in the selection and roasting of coffee) take a careful interest in each step of the chain (planting, coffee culture, harvest, processes, cupping, roasting). The coffee beans are sourced directly and transparently.

Specialty coffee has very few flaws and there are over 800 aromas detectable when tasting coffee - twice as many as wine. Depending on the country of origin and even the region, the coffee lands carry specific flavors and aromas. Roasters will therefore select their green beans with care.

- Specialty coffees indicate the region and even the name of the farm as well as the process used (washed, natural, honey) while convenience coffees rather indicate "pure arabica", which is not automatically a guarantee of quality. - Roasters prefer freshness and indicate it on their coffee bags. * All coffees on our site are roasted a maximum of 7 days before we ship your box of coffees. - Each specialty coffee has its own tasting notes. This means that coffee lovers will be able to taste coffees with specific aromas (notes and flavors perceived during tasting and not aromas added to the product) (e.g. hazelnut, blueberry, strawberry, chocolate) and thus find their favorite coffees according to each and everyone's personal tastes.

(2) A 100% traceable local product

Roasters offer coffees that have a complete identity card (country of origin, region, farm, processes, varieties, date of roasting, tasting notes, history of the producer) in complete transparency. Even if Quebec does not have coffee plantations for obvious climatic reasons, there are many Quebec roasters who are passionate about it and offer us roasted coffees here and guarantee an ethical and transparent product as regards the traceability of the beans. Similar to wine, specialty coffee invites us to discover a terroir and a process for transforming green beans.

- Encourage passionate roasters from Quebec. - Support a production chain that works ethically. - Enjoy high-end coffees here. - Savor freshly roasted coffees full of flavors.

(3) The cherry transformed by the art of roasting Coffee cherries are harvested primarily for their kernels, coffee beans. Coffee making is a process that requires several processing steps, and for green coffee (coffee beans in their natural state) to be tasted, it must first be roasted. Roasting coffee is the cooking of green coffee beans. During this, the grains undergo many changes in their chemical and physical properties to release all the aromas. Depending on the degree of roasting, the green coffee bean will not taste the same. It is the roasting time coupled with the temperature that will give each bean its unique characteristics. The development of the specialty coffee industry has led to a better understanding of the influence of terroir on beans, the advancement of bean processing techniques and the achievement of better quality standards; the roaster is thus better equipped to highlight the qualities inherent in each coffee.

(4) A freshly ground coffee with each cup Mastering the extraction is an important step before enjoying your coffee! One of the most convenient and effective methods at home is the coffee maker. There are several options depending on how much time you want to spend brewing your coffee and the desired result. We invite you to read this text that we have prepared for you on this subject here.

Freshly ground coffee must be brewed immediately, in an espresso coffee machine, a filter coffee machine or even via slow brewing methods also called "slow coffee" such as Chemex or V60. (5) Coffee beans, an economical and ecological option The cost of specialty coffees represents the true cost of a cup of coffee produced under conditions that are desirable for humans and their environment. The coffee beans are purchased at the source, directly from the producers and roasted with precision by the roasters here, in Quebec. Although coffee is a luxury product, it is an ethical production that requires close collaboration between links in a chain of dedicated stakeholders. Without this collaboration, farmers are unfortunately exploited and forced to cultivate in a way that is not eco-friendly.

The arrival of coffee capsules has caused the price of coffee to explode. Brûlerie du Quai published an interesting article about it elsewhere here.

In short, we invite you to discover the specialty coffees roasted here, in Quebec, for all these reasons and much more ... 1- You can enjoy a barista coffee at home. 2- You will be entitled to the experience of a great coffee with each cup. 3- You can enjoy a freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee. 4- You will consume coffee in an eco-friendly way. 5- You will encourage the local economy!


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