• joseelaperriere

5 reasons to choose specialty coffee

The whole province has opened up to buy local and has become aware of the positive effect, both for our planet and for us, of consuming local products. The evolution of mentalities and the change in behavior have not yet transposed into the world of coffee; however, this drink is an integral part of our daily life and even Canada ranks tenth in the world in terms of consumption. Even today, many people still opt for a convenience coffee, less expensive and more accessible coffee. Here are 5 good reasons to turn to specialty coffee:

(1) Specialty coffee is a gourmet product Specialty coffee is a gourmet product and a premium drink due to its unique qualities, its culture and its roasting. The expression "from farm to cup" is often used since roasters (experts in the selection and roasting of coffee) take a careful interest in each step of the chain (planting, coffee culture, harvest, processes, cupping, roasting). The coffee beans are sourced directly and transparently.

Specialty coffee has very few flaws and there are over 800 aromas detectable when tasting coffee - twice as many as wine. Depending on the country of origin and even the region, the coffee lands carry specific flavors and aromas. Roasters will therefore select their green beans with care.

- Specialty coffees indicate the region and even the name of the farm as well as the process used (washed, natural, honey) while convenience coffees rather indicate "pure arabica", which is not automatically a guarantee of quality. - Roasters prefer freshness and indicate it on their coffee bags. * All coffees on our site are roasted a maximum of 7 days before we ship your box of coffees. - Each specialty coffee has its own tasting notes. This means that coffee lovers will be able to taste coffees with specific aromas (notes and flavors perceived during tasting and not aromas added to the product) (e.g. hazelnut, blueberry, strawberry, choc