A specialty coffee has an aromatic complexity (recognized aromatic impressions when tasting this coffee), specific growing and harvesting conditions. The micro-roasters pay particular attention to the entire transformation process, thereby offering you coffee with very few flaws.



TYPE: Single Origin


REGION: Nyaruguru

FARM: Ikizere

PROCESS: Natural

VARIETIES: Bourbon Red








1g of coffee : 16g of water


 3 min 30 sec





1g of coffee : 2g of water


 28 sec




This coffee comes from the Nyaruguru region in southern Rwanda. The name Fugi corresponds to the washing station in which it was carried out, while Ikizere is the name of the group of producers behind this coffee. The Ikizere group is made up of 23 women, all single mothers, the majority of whom are widows. These women, who have encountered many personal and financial difficulties due to their isolation, have decided to come together to form a true united community, around the harvest of coffee cherries. Together, they form a particularly close-knit group of producers, based on mutual aid and support. They even went so far as to pulp the cherries (intended for the washed process) manually, a phase usually carried out mechanically. This step, long and laborious, was decided by the group in order to allow them to discuss for long hours, and to create close links, while maintaining an assiduous control over the fruit of their harvest. Once the cherries are pulped, it is the employees of the Fugi washing station who take over, under the supervision and the watchful eye of Emmanuel Rusatira, director of Baho Coffee, and owner of the station.


Grown at an altitude of approximately 1850 meters, this coffee is made from the Bourbon Rouge variety. It is picked at full maturity and sorted by floatation first, then by hand, to remove overripe or underripe cherries, before being stored in plastic bags for 12 hours. It is then completely pulped by hand and then passed under a stream of water to remove the remaining mucilage, before being immersed in water for 8 to 12 hours. Finally, it is laid out on raised beds for 30 to 40 days for a slow and even drying. Slightly tart, it can be drunk as much as an espresso or as a filter, offering a delicate espresso or a complex filter.


This fruity coffee develops aromas of hibiscus. Sweet and exotic, it tastes of guava and honeydew melon.

PISTA - Fugi Ikizere Natural

  • Guava x Honeydew melon x Hibiscus

  • $5.88/100G