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TYPE: Blend
COUNTRIES: Guatemala and Colombia

PRODUCER: A mix of many cultivars


Brewing Parameters :

Dry coffee : 19 grams
Wet weight : 33 grams
Time : 30 seconds
Water temperature : 200° F (93° C)




L'été indien is a well-rounded coffee with a harmonious balance. It possesses a subtle hint of acidity that adds a delightful complexity to its profile. You will discover notes of nougat, accompanied by a honeyed texture and a chocolate hazelnut finish. This cup offers a comforting and gentle awakening, completely free from any bitterness. The blend is crafted to showcase its flavors without overpowering them. The beans are roasted to a level that allows the hint of acidity to shine through, without any smoky undertones.


L'été indien is Nektar's signature classic filter coffee . It can be enjoyed with the addition of milk or sugar without losing its essence. Even when consumed black, it retains its smoothness, avoiding any smoky, burnt, or bitter taste. This coffee is forgiving when it comes to extraction, accommodating less-than-perfect brewing settings.


Furthermore, it delivers an excellent experience when brewed as an espresso. While it may produce slightly less crema compared to The Sap, its nougat flavor is simply remarkable.




Since 2009, Nektar's mission has been to bring specialty coffee to a wider audience. They find immense joy in exploring the vast realm of coffee, embracing new drying techniques, discovering unique terroirs, and celebrating the dedicated coffee growers who cultivate each plantation. Their aim is to share the fruits of their research with you.


Throughout this journey, an essential element guides Nektar: a deep respect for every individual involved in the coffee journey, from the diligent hands that harvest the beans to you, the cherished individual holding a cup in your hands. They value the human connection that unites us all in the appreciation of this remarkable beverage.

NEKTAR - L'été indien






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