A specialty coffee has an aromatic complexity (recognized aromatic impressions when tasting this coffee), specific growing and harvesting conditions. The micro-roasters pay particular attention to the entire transformation process, thereby offering you coffee with very few flaws.

This box contains 20g of tea. 





Quantity / 250ml of water

2 tsp

Temperature of infusion       



Infusion length: 4-5 min



Labrador Tea, or Greenland Ledon, is not related to the tea plant, but its therapeutic virtues are sought after, just like those of Camellia sinensis. This wild harvest comes from areas of the wetlands of Lac St-Jean where the plant is exposed to the warm rays of the sun.


The presence of stems may seem surprising at first glance, but the stems contain a great concentration of the benefits associated with Labrador Tea. The infusion is delicately tart, herbal and reminiscent of fir and dill.


Its essential oil is considered to be anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and effective in treating various bronchopulmonary ailments. Labrador Tea is also known for a multitude of other benefits related to the menstrual cycle and insomnia among others.


Ingredients : stem, leaf and buds of Labrador tea. (Rhododendron groenlandicum)


Please note: Due its high tannin content, extreme high doses may cause stomach pain or cramps. Avoid excessive consumption. Not recommended during early pregnancy or for small children.


  • Fruity x Vegetal x Wooded