A specialty coffee has an aromatic complexity (recognized aromatic impressions when tasting this coffee), specific growing and harvesting conditions. The micro-roasters pay particular attention to the entire transformation process, thereby offering you coffee with very few flaws.

This box contains a total of 52g of tea.


This Tasting Kit contains 4 teas of unique character, selected at source by our team of tasters.  

Inside you will find preparation instructions to make the perfect cup of tea! 

The assortment includes*:


-Nan Mei (White tea from China)

-Sencha Nagashima Organic (Green tea from Japan)

-Si Ji Chun (Wulong from Taiwan)

-Tea Studio Nilgiri Coonoor (Black tea from India)


*selection may vary with availability.

CAMELLIA SINENSIS - Tasting Kit 4 Discovery