• joseelaperriere

Looking for gift ideas? - Offer coffee to your loved ones!

Shop local and offer a rich experience! Here's a top 10 reasons to go with specialty coffee from local roasters:

1 - Focus on a rich and full-bodied flavoured experience with The New Coffee Wave. Specialty coffee is a gourmet product and a premium drink due to its unique qualities, its culture and its roasting. Your loved ones will appreciate the taste of their coffee from now on while discovering local coffee roasters!

2- Prioritize 100% traceable local products. Coffee Roasters offer products that have a complete identity card (country of origin, region, farm, processes, varieties, date of roasting, tasting notes, history of the producer) in complete transparency. Even if Quebec does not have coffee plantations for obvious climatic reasons, there are many Quebec roasters who are passionate about it and offer us roasted coffees here and guarantee an ethical and transparent product as regards the traceability of the beans. Similar to wine, specialty coffee invites us to discover a terroir and a process for transforming green beans.