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Café Binocle

Offering one of the most ecological and socially responsible coffees in the world, roasted in nano batches with obsessive care, in order to create a product that is as radically ecological as it is delicious.

What's the story of Café Binocle?

Difficult to look behind with spotting scopes. Our story stands in front of us, and there is nothing more exciting! Binocle officially opened on Earth Day 2021, after two intense years of building this small business that didn't want to compromise.

Rapid-Fire Questions


Why did you choose coffee?

Two striking statistics inhabit us every day: over 50% of the world's coffee plantations are threatened with extinction due to global warming, and coffee is the most consumed beverage in Canada (before tap water!). Coffee is therefore both one of the most valuable and endangered commodities in the world. We wanted to be part of the situation, and to celebrate it at its true value! Ah and also, damn that it tastes good!​

What's your IT factor?

We work with an exceptional electric roaster, the first in Quebec, which not only allows us zero-emission roasting, but also unprecedented control over our roasting curves and taste profiles!​

Your Top 3…:


… in coffee? Any coffee that pushes back the intended limits, among other things through carbonic maceration or experimental drying and fermentation processes, fascinates us!

…coffee roaster? Rabbit Hole for their unique mission, Escape for their environmental commitment, Zab for their boundless ambition, Pista for their branding and their charming cafes… But also so many others: Ghost, Kohi, Cantook and all the other enthusiasts! !

…mentor or your greatest inspiration? With a little embarrassment: YouTube !! James Hoffman. I listened to his videos every night before falling asleep for almost two years. His passion and curiosity are contagious. And also Joe Marrocco with his "Roaster School" videos, it taught me a lot about roasting, but freed me from the guilt of impostor syndrome!


You are…​

Washed or Natural? Natural, and more precisely the natural ones which can take a medium roast without losing their punch.

Espresso or Filter? Espresso, very creamy and aromatic cortado. I am thirsty

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